21. ALLAH. a true Red. CHAMP20NS. i will forever love 'em lads. through thick and thin. We love United, We do.
Mario Götze. #Deutschland.
ich liebe die Mannschaft.
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THIS IS WHO WE ARE! These are the roads we paved, the strength we found & the mistakes we made along the way. This is who we are! These are the roads we paved and now I’ve had enough of your judgement. You pass it so easily. If you think that I take it to heart now you see this is my design. You don’t know the cost. So I’ll keep my faith & you can stay lost. Who is with me!? We have the strength to shed light. And this is the moment suspended in time. No limits, no boundaries at all. Just when you think we conform to a scene we break down the wall!

Manchester United 3 - 1 Real Madrid  (02.08.2014)

Manchester United 7-0 LA Galaxy

Mario Götze with the world cup after world cup final against Argentina.